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Dubai Cuisines And Delicacies

Being a cosmopolitan city, Dubai offers a wide range of cuisines and delicacies for its indigenous people and its different visitors. Most Dubai cuisines and delicacies are influenced by its Arabic heritage, but they are not limited to Arabic foods as you can also find international cuisines and delicacies provided for visitors who would like to enjoy their native cuisines while away in Dubai. 

Therefore, other influences on Dubai cuisines and delicacies include Iranian, European, Asian, Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines among others.

Arabic foods available in Dubai cuisines and delicacies include Al Harees, a combination of wheat and meat mainly prepared during wedding ceremonies, Ghuzi which is lamb that is roasted and served with rice and assorted nuts, stuffed Camel, a pudding they call mahalbiya, and a popular type of cheese cake they refer to as Esh Asarya.

Spiced meat in tomato sauce which they call Kebab kashkash is also a very popular component of Dubai cuisines and delicacies as is Shawarma which is mainly chicken or lamb meat dipped in salad and then rolled with bread.

Wara Enab is also another dish in Dubai cuisines and delicacies and it is usually a combination of rice stuffing and vine leaves.

It is important to note that the Stuffed Camel is known to be the largest meal according to the Guinness book of records. It is usually prepared by stuffing cooked eggs into cooked chicken, then stuffing the chicken roasted sheep which is in turn stuffed into a camel. This is usually prepared during special events for example during weddings and its one of the most time consuming of all the Dubai cuisines and delicacies.

As you visit Dubai, you should never forget that coffee is a very popular beverage in the Arabic culture and therefore a major part of Dubai cuisines and delicacies.

European cuisines available in Dubai cuisines and delicacies include pizzas and pastas, with Arabic bread and fresh salad forming the major part of Lebanese cuisine in Dubai. Iranian foods are also available, characterized by spiced rice presented with tomato sauce or flavored yoghurt.

Fesenjan, Chelo kebab and Shirin polo are also available in Dubai cuisines and delicacies.

Asian cuisine is well represented in Dubai cuisines and delicacies by foods from India, Vietnam and Pakistan which include Punjabi and Pashtuni among others such as Awadhi and Mughlai.

It is worth mentioning that apart from the above mentioned Dubai cuisines and delicacies, Dubai is home to major international restaurants such as Burger King, Mc Donalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks coffee, therefore satisfying the needs of different visitors from Europe who would want to enjoy their native cuisines while visiting Dubai.

Asian visitors on the other hand can enjoy their native cuisines from restaurants such as Silver Eagle Restaurant and Sarvana Bhawan which have branches in Dubai.

Al Borz and Satwa and Pars Iranian kitchen are Iranian Restaurants and serve mainly visitors of Iranian origin and still contribute to the already long and wide list of Dubai cuisines and delicacies.

It is evident that no matter where you come from, and no matter your taste and culture, there is something for your taste buds in the veryrich list of Dubai cuisines and delicacies.